Protective Systems


A Bollard is a safety device used both inside and outside your building to protect against collision damage.


Protect your buildings walls and the trailers backing into your loading bay with a set of Bumpers. Each model is available in different shapes, sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs.

Bumper Models

Steel-Faced Laminated

Offering the strongest and most durable protection to your loading dock – and is highly compatible to a facility that uses air-ride trailers, as the free-floating steel protection resists wear and tear.

Laminated Rubber

Made of compressed tire rubber and 3/8” angles and provide a high degree of impact power and durability.

Molded Rubber

Manufactured out of reinforced prime rubber, boast an average impact recovery of 98% and thus ensuring solid and reliable loading dock protection.

Bumper Accessories


Recommended when more projection is needed to compensate for a sloped approach.

Mounting Plates

Provide added stability to a damaged concrete dock face and remove the need for expensive repairs.


Offer added support when the impact height is above dock level and prevent the trailer from backing up over top of the dock.


Door Track Guards

Designed to protect doors in high-traffic areas – preventing impact damages from warehouse vehicles such as forklifts. The Door Track Guard covers the door track without obstructing with the door’s normal operation.