Vehicle Restraints

Designed to be easy to use, the Blue Giant vehicle restraint can apply up to 35,000lbs (15,875kgs) of restraining force to ensure a truck and trailer remain stationed in the dock. This is a safeguard against any unscheduled departures, as well as trailer walk or creep. Blue Giant vehicle restraints are compatible with a wide range of trailer designs, including if they have a bent or missing ICC bar. They can be interlocked with dock levelers for enhanced performance. Blue GeniusTM touch controls, along with interior and exterior LED light communication systems come standard.

StrongArm HVR303 Vehicle Restraint

The StrongArm HVR303 electric vehicle restraint uses a hook-style arm and electronic compensation float to secure all trailers. An environmentally sustainable alternative to a hydraulic unit.

Hydraulic Vehicle Restraints

StrongArm ML10 Mechanical Vehicle Restraint

The StrongArm ML10 Mechanical vehicle restraint won’t hold a trailer hostage when the power goes out. Manually operated, it is engaged and released by a detachable control rod.