EnviraNorth HVLS Fans

Envira-North HVLS fans are suited for just about any application you can think of. Generally speaking; agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, industrial, and recreational facilities can all benefit. To be specific; atriums, auditoriums, barns, distribution centres, garages, gymnasiums, hangars, hockey rinks, indoor paint ball arenas, lobbies, malls, manufacturing facilities, pools, warehouses, and the list goes on…

If you have a big open space with circulation and/or ventilation issues, installing an HVLS fan could be the effective and efficient solution you need.

Alite 3 HVLS Fan

This simple High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan design is ideal for industrial settings. It provides the necessary air movement, while using minimal power consumption. The Alite 3 Fans are a green power innovation, boasting about previously impossible levels of performance that is still highly efficient.

Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS Fan

The Sailfin Blade Design is a colossal evolutionary step towards the most advanced airfoil yet; that is capable of producing a 9.5+ kph gentle breeze. The Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS Fan signifies everything your facility could want in an HVLS Fan, it moves a ton of air, consumes little energy, and also looks nice!

Gearless Altra-Air Sailfin Fan

The Gearless Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS fans cover an exceptionally large area by constantly moving air to create an vast comfort zone. As a result, this large ceiling fan can create a cooling effect of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius throughout your facility. This Gearless version also means decreased noise while in operation.

Jazz Fan

Jazz Fans stress the strength of feeling comfortable. An attractive fan, that is completely customizable in its appearance. A fan, specifically designed to be continually powerful, and yet maintain non-disruptive air movement. Whether you are looking to improve employee or guest comfort the Jazz Fan’s creative touch of ambiance enhances the comforts & aesthetics of each space – suited for anything from showrooms to restaurants & atriums to office spaces.