Safety and Lighting

A busy loading dock is a high traffic area. These are some safety and lighting options to keep productivity high and the risk of worker injury low.

Blue Giant Dock Lighting

LED dock lights are cost effective and designed to be durable and keep the loading dock area and trailers well-lit.

Available models:

Light Communication Packages

Light Communication Packages are an interlocked light communication package that provides for added safety for staff in shipping and receiving bays.

Available models:

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights help to manage traffic flow in the loading bay, and prevent unscheduled departures and trailer entries by indicating the red and green signals as required to both truck and forklift drivers.

Available models:

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks are designed to help prevent accidental truck separation during loading and unloading of the trailer. They come in a variety of styles, including the following:

  • Laminated: Made from reinforced laminated rubber, will securely grip the majority of surfaces
  • Molded: Offers a curved surface to contour and fit all tires
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and easy to use, while still securely gripping most surfaces and keep tires from rolling.
  • Ice: Designed with bottom cleats that grab into icy surfaces for extreme holding power.
  • Wheel Chock Kit: Provides additional defense against accidental departures. Each kit contains: One Laminated or Molded chock, with 15’ (4.6m) of chain, a wall bracket, and a mirror image reminder sign.