Health and Safety Products

Erie Garage Doors Inc. understands that you are looking for the most cost-effective solutions for your facility – and if it offers multiple benefits then you are getting more bang for your buck! So that’s why we are constantly looking for the best products and solutions that will accomplish these tasks for our clients.

Xcluder Pest Control

One way is through Pest Control – the Xcluder line of weather seals not only seals against the elements, but also pests and rodents! A proven defense and prevention against the spread of Salmonella, parasites and protects your property from destruction caused by rodents.

This one-of-a-kind line is available for both Commercial and Residential purposes.

Safety and Lighting

Erie Garage Doors are also on the look out for options to keep productivity high and risk of injury low at the high traffic area of a busy loading dock.

You can accomplish this though the use of: Dock Lighting, Vehicle Restraints, Light Communication Packages, Wheel Chocks, and Traffic Lights.