Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock Seals and Shelters improve energy conservation, as well as preserve temperatures inside your facility and protect against outside contaminants. There are several different types and even more models and options available – varying site criteria and facility needs will go into making the right choice for your building.

Blue Giant ArmourShield

ArmourShield, made of a patented heavy-duty material that is designed to dramatically increase the lifespan of your seal or shelters while protecting against friction or puncture damage.

Blue Giant Rain Shroud

The Blue Giant Rain Shroud can be used in conjunction with your existing unit to keep rain out of your loading dock area.

Blue Giant Metal Canopy

Available in two (2) rust-proof models: one for loading docks and one for man doors, the Blue Giant Metal Canopy makes the process of loading and unloading dry and efficient, as well as keeping both your employees and guests safe and dry.

Blue Giant Compression Seals

Blue Giant compression dock seals develop a foam-filled compressed seal around the top and sides of the trailer, therefore enforcing energy efficiencies and climate controls already in place.

Available models:

Blue Giant Dock Shelters

The difference between Blue Giant dock shelters is largely in the impactability levels. All models offer unrestricted access to trailer interiors, thus allowing efficient loading and unloading, while keeping the rain, snow and debris outside where it belongs.

Available models:

Blue Giant Inflatable Dock Shelters

The Blue Giant line of inflatable dock seals and shelters are rugged and practical, designed to protect the walls of the building and create a tight connection around the perimeter of the trailer. Can be customized to suit the size and required projection of your opening.

Available models: