Energy Saving Products

Erie Garage Doors Inc. has partnered with your local energy providers to offer incentives to offset costs of installing Energy Efficient equipment in new and existing buildings.

These products include, but are not limited to:

Air Curtains

Prevent outside air from entering and inside air from exiting openings into heated or cooled areas. They are typically used at exterior shipping and receiving doors or frequently used pedestrian doors.

Air curtains can contribute to:

  • Energy savings through control of air transfer
  • Increased employee comfort
  • Elimination of ice and fog in cold storage areas

Destratification (HVLS) Fans

Without the right mechanism in place to properly circulate the air in your facility, the heat will rise resulting in a significant difference in temperature between the ceiling and floor. This discrepancy causes your heater to work harder than necessary to constantly replace the heat that rises away from the floor area. Destratification fans are designed to redistribute the heated air from the unoccupied ceiling space back to the floor level.

The use of destratification fans can:

  • Reduce excess strain on your heating system
  • Lower your energy consumption and association costs
  • Improve employee comfort levels within your facility

Dock Door Seals

Whenever a dock door is opened during loading or unloading activities, infiltration losses occur between the truck and the door when the truck trailer is pulled up to the dock door. There is a solution to the issue - Dock Door Seals.

This can be done by either surrounding the dock with wide pads and compressing the trailer (this is called a compression seal), or with a foam frame that compresses against the sides and top of trailer box, which is a shelter/curtain seal.

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Cut down on your heating and cooling costs and qualify for financial incentives by installing any of the above energy efficient technologies. If you are investing in a technology that isn’t listed, you may still qualify for incentives through other programs. Contact Erie today!