Dynaco High Speed Doors

A Dynaco high speed door helps to meet your facilities needs. Not only will it save energy it will also reduce total operational costs. These doors are designed to be safe, reliable, and low maintenance.

The Dynaco High Speed Door comes in many configurations to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a large exterior door that is resistant to high winds, or a freezer door, or perhaps even a door to your cleanroom – Dynaco has all the options you need.

Dynaco M2 Stainless Steel Door

The Dynaco M2 Stainless Steel high-speed door is ideal when a high degree of cleanliness and washdown is required, such as the food industry or agriculture. The smooth, flexible PVC door curtain and stainless components allow for frequent cleaning that holds up to corrosive materials that may be present.

Dynaco M2 Freezer Door

The Dynaco M2 Freezer Door is a a high-performance door that limits cold air loss and saves energy. The fastest up/down speeds plus exceptional seal reduces temperature loss and fluctuation.

Dynaco D-311 Slimline Techno

The Dynaco D-311 Slimline Techno high speed door is designed to require minimal clearance both beside and above the opening. The rapid cycle saves time and helps improve production processes and traffic flow.

Dynaco D-311 Slimline Cleanroom High Speed Door

The Dynaco Streamline Cleanroom high speed door is specifically designed to keep pressure levels stable and contaminants out. Because it is pressure resistant, you can build airlocks with this high-speed door and keep your cleanroom clean.

Dynaco M2 Power Door

The Dynaco M2 Power Door is a medium sized high-speed door that is fast and reliable. The direct drive system allows the door to open and close quickly. Should it become dislodged it has the ability to reinsert itself back into the guides, saving you on downtime.

Dynaco M3 Power Door

The Dynaco M3 Power Door is a larger version of the M2 door that can take on safety, wind load and environmental control concerns. It is pressure resistant up to 60 MPH (96.5 KPH), and is able to keep out the wind, rain, snow and dust – protecting your material, building and employees.

Dynaco M2 All Weather Door

The Dynaco M2 All-Weather high-performance door is designed for frequent use and to maintain a tight seal in wind loads of up to 110 MPH (177 KPH).

Dynaco M3 All Weather Door

The M3 All-Weather Door is intended for use in large applications with high pressure requirements, and protect against harsh weather.

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Dynaco D-D6 Series High Speed Door

Dynaco D-D313 Streamline High Speed Door

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