Sectional Overhead Doors

Richards-Wilcox has been around since 1912, and quickly established a reputation for superior quality and customer service. RW’s sectional overhead doors are not only made to meet or exceed the highest industry standard – they are built right here in Canada!

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Thermatite Sectional Overhead Door

The Thermatite Series Sectional Overhead Door, built strong with Neufoam TM technology – ensuring no cavities, or air pockets, inside the panel. This means exceptional adhesion to the steel skin.

Alumatite Sectional Overhead Door

The Alumatite Series Sectional Overhead Door, designed to be both attractive and practical – allowing maximum light and visibility.

Polytite Sectional Overhead Door

The Polytite Sectional Overhead Door, made with triple-walled polycarbonate panels, they are strong yet lightweight.